Workplace Languages


Communication is a vital part of every work environment. In order to maintain safety, productivity, and employee-employer relationships, people must be able to effectively understand one another. This relates directly to DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) principles since language can be a barrier to career mobility.

With that in mind, the MVLC offers a significantly valuable service to area businesses. MVLC negotiates with employers to determine what the language needs and priorities would be for their specific work environment. Then we design whatever customized curriculum is necessary to meet those measurable objectives, provide a skilled instructor and general English curriculum, and bring classes to the work-site to teach the non-native English speaking employees. We also offer Spanish classes for employers that would like to better communicate with their clients.

Raising the language proficiency of non-native English speaking employees benefits everyone involved: the business gets a safer, more productive and motivated worker, and the employee gets the ability to more effectively navigate not only the worksite, but also life in general.

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 Current and Past Clients

Jefferson, Oregon
Salem, Oregon
Fjord, LLC, a Tegra Company
Woodburn, Oregon
Green Acres Landscaping
Salem, Oregon
Green Spring Farms
Monmouth, Oregon
Nature Farms Management
Woodburn and Dayton, Oregon
Riddell Farms
Monmouth, Oregon
Willamette Valley Pie Company
Silverton, Oregon


Watch this short video to hear an employer's perspective from Cliff Stites of Cabdoor.

Increase employee productivity
Increase Employee Retention
Train to Industry Vocabulary
Decrease product loss and Safety risk


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