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The Mid-Valley Literacy Center (MVLC) was formed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in June of 2009. MVLC was established in direct response to the continuing needs of non-traditional adult native English speakers and English Language Learners (ELL). Our mission is to empower adults with the literacy skills needed to increase economic stability and overall quality of family life.

Since June 2009, we have trained over 750 volunteers who have tutored more than 4,000 adults. Over 450 students are served annually at our main campus and the community tutoring sites which we have started in six counties. At MVLC, 70% of our GED® students successfully achieve their certificate and 90% obtain employment or enter college.  Since 2009, over 200 individuals have received the GED® Certificate and 120 students have become U.S. Citizens. Sixty-four individuals have passed the Oregon State Board of Nursing exam to become Certified Nursing Assistants with full time jobs through collaboration with Providence Benedictine Nursing Center. 93% of our students show skill gain on standardized assessments. We assist individuals from all backgrounds and races including the homeless, the incarcerated and refugees. We have instructed more than 130 employees in our Workforce Languages Program at multiple business worksites. We are expanding our Workplace English Program to other local/regional businesses. The value proposition of this program supports employee engagement, increases business profits and communication skills on the job and in the community.

MVLC primarily serves the non-traditional adult and immigrant community, representing 55 countries and at least 30 languages. 70% percent of our adult students are Latino and 15% percent are white, native English speakers and 15% are African-American, Asian, Native American and Pacific Islander. Along with English literacy and the GED® Certificate, our Citizenship and Basic Computer courses are critical components in helping students adapt and function in modern society. These foundational skills open doors to employment and college and help ensure stability. Our quality volunteer tutors and small class sizes allow us to provide the nurturing and supportive learning environment which consistently produces success. Each year our volunteers give over 9,000 hours to support our literacy programs in the community.

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