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Cash gifts are acceptable in any form, including by check, money order, credit card, on-line, or wire transfer.

“While the demand and need for literacy continues to grow, those services are not readily available. Mid-Valley Literacy Center (MVLC) provides critical literacy, citizenship, and vocational training services to individuals and employers. The legacy of MVLC is the increased literacy wellbeing of people, their families, and our communities. You too can be part of that literacy legacy, please support the Mid-Valley Literacy Center.” – Daniel P. Santos, a Sustaining Donor

The Mid Valley Literacy Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our good work is only made possible through the generosity of our donors and sponsors.

You can make a significant impact in your community through donations that empower adults with the literacy skills needed to increase economic stability and overall quality of family life.

Statistics show that for every dollar invested in adult literacy programs, it returns $33 to the economy of the community.

We are honored by your generosity. Thank you!

TAX ID: 27-2124566


Other ways to donate:

  • Retirement Plan: Consider making a donation with a qualified charitable distribution from a traditional or rollover individual retirement account to MVLC.
  • In-Kind: We are always in need of copier paper, index cards, whiteboard markers, and 3 ring binders.
  • Legacy Giving: Including MVLC in your will or living trust is one of the best ways to provide a legacy supporting adult literacy. Leaving a legacy is easy. We all do it. It may be through our children and families, our careers or those we interact with on a regular basis.

You create your Legacy
You care deeply about adult literacy and the impact it has on our society. You also care deeply about Mid-Valley Literacy Center (MVLC) and its students. You can choose to create a significant impact that lasts long after your lifetime. Some of the gifts cost nothing during your lifetime. However, the impact on MVLC and its students means so much. Your options are unique and help you achieve your interests and goals.

This is a simple and yet powerful way to support MVLC and its students. You can establish a bequest by simply including a statement in your will or trust expressing your desire to help MVLC and its students.

Benefits to you
• You control your assets during your lifetime.
• You determine the amount you want to give.
• You could give a percentage of your estate.
• You can give cash, securities, or other assets.
• Your estate and heirs may receive possible tax savings.
• You have the satisfaction that comes with knowing that you have made a meaningful impact on literacy in your community.

Beneficiary Designations
Another convenient way to support adult literacy is by naming MVLC as the beneficiary of part or all of your IRA, retirement plan, or life insurance policy. Since MVLC is a nonprofit organization, taxes are not paid on these assets when received. This may reduce the tax burden to your heirs. You continue to control these assets during your lifetime. Your will or estate administrator can help you with these designations through a statement of intent. This provides you the assurance that your gift will be used in the manner that you wish and it provides guidance on how your gift is to be used. If you have already established a bequest or other planned gift to MVLC, be sure to let us know. We would like the opportunity to recognize you as part of MVLC legacy Society.

We all want to provide the proper care and management of our assets. Estate planning is simply you deciding how your resources will be managed. Now you have the opportunity to formalize your wishes. Call us soon to talk about your options.